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We are a special team of personal growth and NLP experts, who have a passion for developing young leaders to find their own path, and equip them with the soft-skills to be successful. Our focus is on teaching you the most powerful success technology that exists in the world today, so you can unleash your full potential.


William H-W

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Experts in personal growth and emotional intelligence.


Your life is the emotions you feel from moment to moment. If you do not enjoy the process of achieving, you cannot have a quality life. The quality of your life is the quality of emotions.


Until you articulate you do not truly integrate. We will help you get the fuzziness out of your brain and into the open, so that you are crystal clear about what you want and how you will get it.


A highly motivating goal is the key to all action. People are not lazy or incapable, they just have impotent goals.


You are a life force of energy. You vibrate at a certain level and you are connected with the whole of the universe. We will help you to untap the awesome potential within.


It is about results, stating specifically what you want to achieve and measuring carefully how far you have come. We win when you win, and not a moment before.

Sunaca Thinkspace

As a child you felt so optimistic. You felt like you could change the world. As a young adult you’ve been beaten up by experience to doubt your potential – you no longer believe you are capable of doing it, or you don’t know how to do it. At your core you desire a better, more meaningful life, and to be a creative force for good… Thinkspace helps you to reconnect to that passion and to act on it. Your most genuine impulses are affirmed and given a space to grow.

William H-W

Hi, I’m William, and I’m a university graduate with distinction, former Lawyer, Board Chair, CEO and Executive Coach. But when I was young I received terrible marks in school, and I almost didn’t graduate from high school.

As a youth I was constantly in emotional turmoil. I was often bullied and racially abused. I was painfully shy and socially awkward. I couldn’t focus on my studies because I was constantly stressed out and feeling inadequate. I spent much of my time trying to become invisible. The only thing I did well in was sports, where I felt the freedom to express myself, and get out my frustration through hard competition.

When I was in high-school I had plans to study law in university, but there was no way I could make it with my poor grades. So I enrolled in a small community school called Kwantlen College in Vancouver, to try to transition myself into university. During the 2 year program I received the highest GPA in the history of that college, and was awarded the Governor General’s medal for my performance at the college level. The award is a prestigious academic medal from the government of Canada.

It was a lot of fun to walk on stage, in front of my peers, to accept my award and see the entire auditorium giving me a standing ovation. After the graduation event, I was interviewed by the press and was featured in my local newspaper.

I went on to eventually study law at the University of British Columbia, receiving several university level scholarships. Thereafter I pursued a path of life-long learning that if I were to do so in a formal education setting, would probably qualify me for several PHDs.

How did all of this happen? My success in college and university was certainly unpredictable given my failures in grade school. So what changed? Did I suddenly get smarter over the summer between high-school and college?

The truth is I was always quite intelligent. The difference was that I learned in the few months between graduation and college to manage my emotions. I found a way to deal with all the painful issues from my youth, and it was this skill of “emotional intelligence” (EQ) that made all the difference. Over the years I continued to struggle in this area, but I have gradually developed this skill to the point where it has become a strength of mine, and I am as proud of this ability as I am of any of my athletic or academic awards.

Along the way I have also been a keen student of the “success skill”. As an executive coach I have spent the last 10 years teaching the “ultimate success formula” for achieving any goal.

I am the former managing director for Results Consultants, a coaching firm that is personally endorsed by world famous authors like Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield. My former business partner is a world renowned expert on success, and Brian Tracy refers to him as now “the world’s number one coach for setting and achieving goals”.

I have also been closely associated with NLP Top Coach, a Bangkok based
Coaching firm that are the market leaders in the soft-skill corporate training space.

But my journey to where I am today is not about success. It is about suffering failure after failure. It is about spending years not knowing my purpose and many more years in trial and error. What I would love to do for you is ‘shortcut’ the process, so you can avoid the considerable amount of time, money and negative energy I spent in learning through my many failures.

As a young adult you need to know your purpose. You need to be crystal clear on what you want. You need absolute commitment to achieve your goal. And you need to be shown a simple path on how to get there.

Through learning a basic set of skills in leadership, communication and personal development, you will be able to do what you were meant to do, and to get outstanding results.

Talk to me. I have been there and done that. Let’s connect, and give me the opportunity to help you. I promise it will be one of the best decisions you will make your life.

To your success and happiness,

William H-W

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